Don’t turn a blind eye to the perils of computer crime

Imagine this...

Two larger agents owe you a lot of money and as you start your collection efforts both agents report they've already paid you! They submit copies of bank wire transfer slips proving that funds had been sent. So, who received the money? Your company's identity has been stolen and with it, your source of income and means of collecting payment.

Forwarders and brokers who trade across borders and exchange funds between agents and government agencies, are prime target for theft & identity pirating.

Ways you can be electronically sabotaged:

  • Identity Theft
    Hackers pose as you in order to request funds from your clients. They claim bank issues in order to get your clients to wire money to a "new account."
  • System Hostage
    Hackers will take your system(s) hostage until a ransom is paid. Usually this ransom is cheap enough to justify paying.
  • Phishing Schemes
    Hackers pose as you on social media and target your connections for money. Usually they plead that they are in dire situations and need monetary assistance asap.
  • Credit Card Data Theft

Awareness and loss prevention, coupled with the right cyber liability policy, can save your company from financial and reputational ruin.

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