A Year in Review

2018 was an exciting year for the marine insurance industry, especially for World Insurance Services (WIS). As the facility continues to grow and adapt to the needs of its clients, WIS focused on offering cutting edge, cargo insurance solutions as well as new ways to insure goods in transit as they move through some of the world’s most challenging markets. As more and more freight forwarders, worldwide, begin to understand the importance of cargo insurance, WIS has worked hard to save its clients almost a billion USD worth of cargo.

In today’s logistics landscape, there is an even greater need for cargo insurance than ever before. In 2018 alone, World Insurance insured 33,592 separate shipments for its clients. Clients working in some 58 countries and on 6 different contents.

“We are working hard to expand our coverage and insurance capacity to every corner of the globe,” said Monica Lee, CEO of World Insurance. “As the leading risk management provider for WCA, our goal is to make our cargo and liability insurance readily available, and easy to use, for the networks 6,000+ member offices.”

In 2018, WIS insured commodities of great monetary diversity, from as little as $250 USD to as much as $7 Million USD. In total, last year’s goods included coverage for transactions made in more than 22 global currencies.

“We take our mission, to provide simple, friendly, affordable, cargo insurance – worldwide – very seriously,” said Monica. “Our success providing top-tier shipping insurance to our clients, in 2018, is fueling us to work even harder this year.”

World Insurance looks forward to providing more cargo insurance services in 2019 and beyond. To become a World Insurance client, or for general inquires and quotes, please click the button below.

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