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Proudly serving the members of WCAworld, GAA, Lognet Global and Elite Global Logistics

World Insurance was born after almost a decade of studying the risk management needs of independent freight forwarders all over the world. Our team is comprised of marine insurance experts, ex-forwarders, IT developers and former WCAworld executives giving us a unique perspective of your industry. This multi-tiered experience enables us to envision and deliver unique products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of companies like yours.

We understand that supply chain complexity is increasing, regulatory burdens are becoming more trying and shipper demands continue to grow while margins only shrink. We aim to help provide you with a set of risk management tools that give you the confidence and peace of mind to focus on your business while improving customer service and increasing profits.

David Yokeum
"Our goal is to provide the very best service that we can, service that our members deserve and have come to expect" » Read more.. » Close

“I started World Insurance Services (WIS) to ensure that every one of our members, no matter where they were located, had access to the best insurance protection at the lowest possible cost and to make insurance and bonds easy, affordable and understandable to the member.

From the start it has always more about value than volume, always more concerned with member value than WCAworld profit.

Gold Medallion payment protection was our first and most valuable member benefit. Insurance and risk management services were added to protect members where GM doesn’t.

I started WIS with capital of nearly a million dollars so we could hire the best and brightest team, equipped with “best-in-class” system and service.

On “day one” we had five employees with over 110 years combined experience without a penny of revenue.  WIS’ second hire was a claims manager whose only job is to make certain that member claims get settled in a timely manner and in full.  Most insurance brokers never even hire a claims manager.

Selling insurance is not our objective and never was: our goal is to provide the very best service that we can, service that our members deserve and have come to expect.”

David Yokeum
WCAworld Chairman
"World Insurance is unlike any other insurance business 100% Digital, Instinctively international and dedicated entirely to the needs of the members of the WCAworld."
Philip Bilney
Co-Owner of World Insurance
Philip Bilney

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