Freight Forwarders are among the world’s top targets of cyber criminals.

Because of their international scope and financial transfer frequency, WCAworld Members continue to be prime targets of sophisticated cyber criminals.  

Whilst most cyber crime applications are long and complicated and suited for larger companies, World Insurance offers a simplified application and quote process that won’t have you spending hours completing an application.  Our insurers are chosen based on their ability to understand and adapt to your business.

Note: The scope of coverage may vary by insurance provider and policy. Information referenced herein about coverage is general and for illustration purposes. For details about coverage, consult the insurance policy, a copy of which will be made available on request.

What does the policy cover?

  • Hacking
  • Virus infections
  • Breach of cloud data – customer info/sources/buyers
  • Retrieval, replacement and restoration of programs, data and systems
  • Lost profit due to business interruption
  • Unauthorized electronic fund transfers
  • Fraudulent use of identity
  • Ransom (your computer held hostage for money)
  • Phishing scams that impersonate your or your products
  • Forensic investigation expense

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