Freight Forwarder Liability
and Errors & Omissions Insurance

The Best Protection for Your Business

Millions of dollars in claims are made each year against freight forwarders and other third party intermediaries.  Incidences that negatively impact freight forwarder profitability include claims for damaged freight moving under house freight bills, warehouse claims, alleged short shipments, general average, administrative mistakes, misdirected freight, uncollected cargo, stolen freight and equipment, and customs broker errors.  

  • Already insuring hundreds of members in over 100 countries
  • Fast, no-obligation quotation
  • Option to pay monthly
  • Coverage is instinctively international and broad
  • Contract reviews and advice on Standard Trading Conditions service is available

Note: The scope of coverage may vary by insurance provider and policy. Information referenced herein about coverage is general and for illustration purposes. For details about coverage, consult the insurance policy, a copy of which will be made available on request.

Does my company really need this insurance?

The protection of our members is first and foremost, therefore, we strongly suggest the peace of mind that comes with the purchase of a WIS ForwarderProtect insurance policy.

WCAworld Risk Managed Designation

Members who carry insurance at the WCAworld required level are eligible to receive the Risk Managed designation, regardless of where you bought your insurance. Members with RM designation are more likely to be preferred by WCA agent partners.

Insurance that fits your business

WCAworld has been supplying members with freight forwarder liability insurance since 2004. Each year, we endeavor to improve the policy for the benefit of our members. Extensive experience in over 100 countries gives us a unique, broad view of risks that have aided in crafting coverage suitable to every member, as well as those who aren’t members, no matter your location.

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