Indemnity Program

Low-Cost Quality Insurance is now available to members in nearly every country, as a member exclusive! 

Protectionist Insurance regulations, in over one hundred countries, prevents many WCA members from free market access to low cost, high-quality insurance options. This poses a serious issue for those members located in monopolistic environments. Over 10 years ago, WCA and its insurance partners embarked on finding a solution to this frustrating dilemma.

As of today, nearly every WCA and WCA affiliated member, in the world, can legally access the same industry-leading protection that the rest of the world enjoys – through our member exclusive “Freight Services Liability Indemnity Program”.

Hundreds of members have taken up this indemnity with more being added each week.

Here are just a few of our Indemnity Program’s highlights:

  • Widely used in countries with the strictest regulations – here are just a few examples –
    • Brazil and Argentina and most South American countries
    • Mexico, Panama and other Central American countries
    • Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE and most other Middle East countries
    • Morocco, Nigeria and certain other African countries
    • Pakistan and Sri Lanka
    • South Korea
  • Covers your liability for loss or damage to cargo as well as claims for Errors & Omissions
  • 1st Dollar Legal Defense – Trained attorneys defend you with no money out of your pocket
  • High limits of liability – Beginning at USD$500,000 with no annual aggregate limit
  • Dedicated World Insurance Claims Advocate to walk you personally through all claims.
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Fully backed and endorsed by WCA

To learn how you too can take advantage of this valuable benefit, please click here to contact our Indemnity Program Specialist, Mr. Angus Galbraith today. Not a WCA or WCA affiliated network member? Click here.