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28 March 2021

MV Ever Given – Suez Traffic Jam

At 7.40am on 23 March the 400-metre, 224,000-tonne container vessel the MV Ever Given became grounded in the Canal, wedged between both banks, blocking the shipping lane. At the...
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23 March 2021

World Insurance Expands Its Latin America Service

World Insurance hires Sandra Velasquez as Broker – Latin America. Sandra Velasquez brings with her over fifteen years of freight forwarding experience that includes everything from small package to large projects,...
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11 January 2021

A Quick Glance at 2020

2020 was probably the most difficult year for many people around the world.  Since the COVID-19 outbreak, global demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has surged rapidly.  In March...
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20 August 2020

Beirut’s Explosion

With at least 150 dead and over 4,000i injured this was a major incident by any standards and leaves a huge scar on the city of Beirut.   Whilst details...
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